Are you a fan of ocean creatures with an insatiable lust for blood? Have you watched the movie Jaws so many times that you can quote the first thirty minutes from memory? We have the game for you! Hungry Shark: Evolution puts you in the shoes (er, fins) of the world's deadliest predator. Hungry Shark: Evolution is a single-player app for Android and iOS that lets you become the terror of the deep. Your mission is to eat all the fish you can fit in your stomach, being careful to avoid mines, jellyfish and harpoons as you go. Other than that, there really is no goal except eating. It's a free-for-all that will keep you coming back for more carnage!

Hungry Shark


Title: Hungry Shark
Publisher: Future Games of London
Genre: Arcade, Adventure, Action
Platforms: Mobile
Downloads: Android / iPhone


What kind of shark do you play as? Why, a Great White, of course. Is there any other shark that can strike so much fear into the hearts of men, women and children worldwide? Although real sharks aren't a fan of the way humans taste, the star of Hungry Shark: Evolution is indiscriminatory. He'll eat anything he needs to to survive.

You start as a baby shark on his first hunting trip. Small fish and squid are about as big as your prey gets, but the more you eat and grow, the bigger your prey becomes. You're soon able to chase after scuba divers and swimmers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can even launch yourself out of the water and onto boats when you've powered up your shark enough.

Speaking of powerups and upgrades, you can dress your shark for success by pimping him out using the game's store. After all, your Great White will look dapper in a monocle or top hat. Other sharks are also available for gameplay, including the legendary Megalosaurus, the largest shark to grace the seas. Unique shark characters like the Dunkleosteus (which looks like an angry turtle-fish) and a robot shark make gameplay a blast.

You can use either tilt or touchscreen controls to direct your shark, though most favor the “tilt” option. Eating sea mines and jellyfish will give your shark an upset stomach, as well as taking a chunk off of your health bar, but you can regain health with a feeding frenzy. Hungry Shark: Evolution has a series of bosses to battle, but don't look for much of a story. You won't need one – you're a shark. What more is there to say?


Hungry Shark: Evolution throws you right into the fray of a battle between man and shark. Whether you come out on top is up to you. With all the skills and tools available to you, you should have quite the advantage, especially when your main weapon is a set of bone-crushing jaws. Hungry Shark's world is quite expansive and has stellar graphics. The music isn't too bad either! We recommend this game to any shark fans who want to swim the open seas, munching on tourists as they go.